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Here at Dimensions Resource Marketing Group we are dedicated to providing you with the most interesting and up to date Live &b Internet Advertising and Marketing tools that will benefit you. A full list of products and services that are perfect tools for the small business owner or desiring to establish a business to the Corporate Executive that needs to reach a new market....family or group alike. We offer services that are always in demand without breaking your bank in the process.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us.  Thank you for visiting DimensionsRMGroup and have a good time.

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Meet the Team

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Nathalie Chase

Nathalie is the founder of Dimensions Resource Marketing Group and the  Chancellor of LifesReDesign Christian College & Certified Life Coach. She is always at events and is great at making simple marketing and business related news extremely interesting.

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Natasha Fields

Natasha is our local  event coordinator.  She is always posting new event info and can usually be found at one of the merchandise booths or at events@


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Balaam Fields

Balaam is our new regional human resource director.  He is currently in charge of getting Space Warp support from local schools and organizations so we can expand our presence regionally.